Reflection & Discussion Questions
Bible readings: Mark 1:14-20, 2:13-17
  • Was there a time you can recall when Jesus called you to follow Him? Reflect on and share about the significance of that in your life.
  • Reflect on and discuss the significance of Jesus
    • seeing us
    • coming to us where we are at
    • calling us to follow Him
  • “What matters most about following Jesus is not so much what we’re doing or not doing, but staying in the presence of the one we’re following.’ How can you follow and ‘stay in the presence’ of Jesus through life in lockdown? What might you need to be intentional about?
  • ‘At the heart of the good news of Jesus is that even though none of us measure up to God’s standard, Jesus has done for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves.’ What does this reality mean to you?
  • The nets the fishermen left behind when following Jesus symbolise finding our identity or security in Jesus when so much else is uncertain. What does it mean to you to find your identity or security in Jesus through these uncertain times?
Reflection & Discussion Questions
Bible reading: Mark 1:1-8
  • Read the first 8 verses of Mark chapter 1 and reflect on John’s role in ‘preparing the way’ for Jesus
  • Reflecting on verse 1, how has the gospel, or good news, about Jesus, become a reality in your life?
  • Reflecting back on that, as well as verses 1-3, what took place before that in your life as part of God’s ‘preparation phase’ that pointed you to Jesus? 
  • Reflecting from verses 3-4 on how God’s ‘preparation phase’ often takes place in desert places, 
    • How has God been at work in ‘desert place’ experiences in your life?
    • What kind of ‘preparing’ work do you think God might be doing in your life through these current times?
  • Reflecting on the importance of our ‘spiritual posture’ before God,
    • verses 4-5 speak of repentance or the need to have a change of direction spiritually in our lives. What might that look like for you?
    • verse 7 speaks of humility, or the need to lean on and learn from Jesus, to shift the focus from being on us to being on Jesus. What might that look like for you?