Safe Steps Collection 2019

Our regular collection for Safe Steps, who runs our local women’s and children’s shelter, will begin on the 25th of August. There’ll be baskets at both Beaumaris and Mordialloc sites for you to be able to deposit goods you’d like to give.

Alternatively, you can give money in the offering or transfer money to the church – just make sure you put ’Safe Steps’ in the description. A list of goods that Safe Steps needs can be found below.

Items to purchase for Safe Steps collection

This list is from Safe Steps to ensure the items that we purchase are things they desperately need.  Please place items in the baskets at church.  Thanks so much for your kindness.

Please note that ALL items must be brand new.

Please also consider giving cash to purchase food items.


Canvas/tote bags

Roll on deodorant

Lip balm

Facial cleanser (200ml max)

Face wipes

Shower loofahs/face washers

Shampoo and conditioner (300-400ml)

Sunscreen (100ml max)

Tampons and pads

Hairbrush and hairties

Soap/shower gel (300ml)

Toothpaste – children and adult

Toothbrushes – individual packets

Please note: no sample sizes or jumbo sizes.


Lip balm

Face wipes

Face moisturiser


Baby – wash, creams, wipes, blankets, nappies and baby bags

Children’s clothing

Women’s clothing and PJ’s

Basic flats and sneakers – size 6-9