I haven’t been a regular church goer before or for some time. Does that matter?

No, we seek to welcome people no matter where you’re at in your journey of life and faith. Regardless of where you’re at, we are all learners continuing to discover more about what it means to find and follow Jesus.

What can I expect if I come to a service at Beaumaris-Mordialloc Baptist?

You will be welcomed by the everyday people who make up the church family. We won’t draw attention to you or pressure you, though. Our services are in a form that everyday people can relate to and in language that everyday people can understand. They are typically informal, often include multimedia and typically last for an hour and a quarter. A variety of people participate in different ways, from those who are musicians in the band, to people who lead in prayers or bible readings or share in other ways. The Bible being taught, and through that learning more about finding and following Jesus, however, is the primary focus of our services.

What does Beaumaris-Mordialloc Baptist church have for children?

On a Sunday morning, a team of volunteers who all have Working With Children checks assist in a program for children of all ages in our child-friendly rooms. Compass (grades 5-7), Breakers (grades 2-4), Ripples (ages 4-6) and Bubbles Crèche cater for children of all ages. During the week, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Footprints Playgroup is also held. Mums with young children from the community are welcome to attend.

What about young people?

Young people play an important part in the life of Beaumaris-Mordialloc Baptist Church. Most of what takes place in the life of the church involves young people as well as adults. Every Friday night young people come together for fun and learning more about what it means to find and follow Jesus as young people. In addition, the Sunday evening Track service is led by and focused on young people.

How can I learn more about finding and following Jesus?

A great place to start is by reading the Bible, which is God’s Word to us. God will reveal more of Himself and of what it means to follow Him as you read the Bible for yourself. A good part of the Bible to start is with the gospel of Mark. We’d also encourage you to come and join with us as together we learn more about finding and following Jesus. Feel free to ask us questions or contact us so we can help you in this. From time to time, we will have courses you can come to which also help in this.

How does Beaumaris-Mordialloc Baptist church differ from other churches?

BMBC holds to the core key beliefs shared with many other Christian churches. Our focus, however, is on people finding and following Jesus, as revealed in the Bible, rather than on following any set of rules or traditions. As a Baptist church, our other distinctives include the following: We are a congregational church where the people of the church play a significant part in the life, ministry and decision making of the church. The church is made up of people who make a personal and active choice to find and follow Jesus, rather than it being something they become a part of in any other way. Baptism is the way people who have made that choice for themselves demonstrate that. Following Jesus is not simply for a Sunday or a season but is a whole of life thing.

How do I get to BMBC?

BMBC meets in two convenient locations across Bayside and Kingston Council.
View the locations of our Bayside site in Beaumaris, and our Kingston site in Mordialloc.