Our church is part of the Baptist Union of Victoria, and shares a common statement of beliefs and truths with other Baptist churches.

We believe that people were created by God for good, to be in relationship with Him and others and to live life as he designed it to be lived.

However, all people have been damaged by the choice to live life independently of God, which the Bible calls sin, and this has led to brokenness in many areas of our lives. None of us are capable of restoring this brokenness with God, others and within our world through our own efforts.

God stepped into this world through Jesus, who lived, died and rose again to offer us a new way forward in life.

For those who admit their brokenness and sin, and align their lives with God, He offers forgiveness, hope and transformation through the sacrifice Jesus made at the cross.

God empowers us with His Spirit to live life in a way that reflects His best, and to play a part in bringing healing and hope to our hurting world. God is at work in our lives and this world doing that.

However, we await the day when Jesus will return to set everything right, deal with all evil, and bring to fulfilment His eternal purposes.