Reflection & Discussion Questions

      Read psalm 131.

      Other scripture to reflect on:   Matthew 11:28-30, Isaiah 30:15

  • Focus on Verse 1:  Ask ourself:

         What is out of my control?

         What are my limitations?

         What don’t I understand?

  • Focus on Verse 2:   What distracts you from or robs you of rest?  Read Matt 11:28-30 & Isaiah 30:15.  What leads you to a place of rest?

  • Verse 3:  Reflect on hopes.  What hopes and aspirations do you have in life and faith?

  • Write your own psalm. Fill in the blanks, then string them together. Be honest, use as much imagery and emotion as you can (the psalmist did).
    Reflection & Discussion Questions
    • Read psalm 133

    • Verse 1:  What words or phrases stand out in this verse.  Why are the words good and pleasant in that verse. How are they different See Heb 12 v 11 and Prov 25 v 16.  What is important about living together.
    • Verse 2:  What words or phrases stand out in this verse.  What is the symbolism of the oil. Why is there an emphasis on where the oil runs. See Exodus 28 v 12
    • Verse 3a:  What words or phrases stand out here?  Why is there a contrast between Mt Hermon and Mt Zion. What does the imagery mean.  What is dew symbolic of.
    • Verse 3b:  What is the emphasis here?  Finally what do we need to do to encourage unity
    Revise the focus points mentioned at the end of the sermon
    A. Playing my part Rom 12 v 18
    B. Forgiving each other Col 3 v 13 
    C. Healthy processes 
    D. Loving each other Rom 12 v 10
    E. Keeping the main thing the main thing 
    Reflection & Discussion Questions
    • Take a few minutes to read psalm 84. What stands out to you from these verses?
    • As you reflect on verse 5, and pilgrimage involving setting our hearts on the road that leads us closer to God, take a moment also to do what Isaiah 40:31 speaks of, inviting God to renew you in life and faith as you wait on Him.
    • Reflecting on verses 1-4, and what it means to dwell in the presence of God, why do you think the psalm writer mentions the sparrow and the swallow when speaking about dwelling near the presence of God?
    • Are you more like a sparrow (feeling insignificant or forgotten) or a swallow (constantly active, and prone to restlessness) when it comes to who you are and what you are like in life and faith?
    • Reflecting on verses 5-7, and on how God is able to bring renewal and refreshment even when you pass through the Valley of Baca, when and how have you been passing through a dry or difficult place on your walk of life or faith? How might God have been or be at work even at that place?
    • Reflecting on verses 11-12, in what ways might you need to trust God along the pathway of life and faith? How has God provided for you, protected you, or been gracious to you thus far in your walk of life and faith that mean you can trust Him for the road ahead too?