There are programs for children of all ages at Beaumaris Baptist. Each Sunday morning during school terms, running during church, between 10 and 11:30 a.m., Light House children’s programs and Bubbles Creche are held. In addition, Footprints Playgroup is held each Tuesday and Thursday morning during school terms. All leaders and helpers have working with children checks.

Bubbles Creche: Ages 0-3

Bubbles Crèche is for children aged 3 years and younger. It is held in the crèche room during the church service. A well resourced crèche room allows little ones to feel at home too on a Sunday morning. Our crèche program runs throughout the entire year, including school holidays.

Ripples: Kids’ Church – Kinder/Foundation/Grade 1

Ripples is for children aged 4-6. A typical program here includes free play, then a structured program focusing on building friendship, creative bible stories and games. It is held in the Ripples room which adjoins the playground area. Children also register and sign in for this with a parent.

Breakers: Kids’ Church Grades 2-4

Breakers is church for kids between grades 2 and 4. Children register and sign in for this with a parent in the foyer before it is held in the multi purpose hall. A typical Breakers program includes games, multimedia, bible stories, singing, prayer and helping to support children in underprivileged communities. Special programs also occur from time to time, such as ‘Ice Cream Sundae Sunday.’ On special family occasions such as Mothers’ Day, Christmas, Easter and Fathers’ Day, the children will usually join with the church family in an all ages Family Celebration service.

Compass: Kids’ Church Grade 5-6

This is a small group to help kids grow deeper in their walk with Jesus.

Generational Links

This is a support network for families where members of our congregation commit to individual families to provide prayer support and encouragement.

Parenting Courses

As a part of our Children’s/Families’ Programs, we run during school terms Parenting from the Tree of Life : Growing Families

This parenting course covers three important areas:

Life, Children and Relationships

Life, Children and Character Development

Life, Children and Encouragement and Correction

Based on DVDs and small group discussion

Facilitators: Michelle & David Sterrey