Reflection & Discussion Questions

Read Luke 5:1-11 and rewatch Pastor Kat’s Message


  1. Have there been times in your life when you have missed the movement of the Holy Spirit because you’ve been focused or distracted by something else?
  2. Do you consider yourself someone who notices the Holy Spirit’s promptings? – if so how?


  1. Have you ever felt like you weren’t ready to serve God? Why was that?

Read this blog post that Kat quoted on Sunday

  1. How would you respond to the statement – ‘We need the crutch of faith’?


  1. In verse 10, Jesus invites Simon-Peter to go into deep waters –deep waters can be places of possibility, growth and serving beyond our comfort zone. What are your deep waters?
  2. Have you ever experienced – either for yourself or seen in another – a time when God has extended their natural ability beyond what they are capable of in service of God’s Kingdom?