We’re a bunch of young people, aged 13-21, who seek to care for others well and understand more about what it means to be in relationship with God.

We meet every second Friday night at 7pm for youth group, which is a great place to come along and hang out, meet new people and have fun.

Every Sunday night we meet together at the church at 6pm for dinner and at 6.30pm we have a worship service, dedicated to spending time together, worship of God and growing deeper in our understanding of who God is.

Every other Friday at 7pm we meet together in smaller groups called Lifegroups, where we seek to go even deeper in understanding who God is, by sharing our experiences of relationship with Him and through reading the Bible.

We meet in other ways and places throughout the week, socially and intentionally. For more information about our youth and young adults ministry, please feel free to contact Beaumaris Baptist Church and speak to our Youth and Young Adults Pastor Andy Mitchell andym@beaumarisbaptist.org.au