Jesus calls people still today to follow Him just as He did when He walked on earth around two thousand years ago. Here at Beaumaris Baptist, we are people on the journey of following Jesus.
What is involved in following Jesus?
To start with, you don’t have to be perfect to follow Jesus. We are all imperfect and broken people following the only one was perfect, Jesus. Despite all that we are not, he invites us into relationship with Him and by His grace, calls us to follow Him. No matter what you may or may not have done in your life, or no matter who you are or are not, you can be a follower of Jesus as you authentically respond to His invitation to follow Him.
Following Jesus involves transformation, though. It involves transformation from the inside out as God works in our life to make us more like Jesus. Changes in our attitudes and actions, and our perspectives and our priorities in life are all a part of the process of changing to become more of the person that God created us to be. Jesus makes it clear that to follow Him involves denying ourselves and our self centred focuses to instead allow the things that are important to Him to become important to us.
Following Jesus is a whole of life thing. It is not something we do just on a Sunday at church, but every day of the week wherever we are and whatever we are doing. It is also not something just for a season of life, but a commitment of our lives as a whole through both the good and the difficult.
Following Jesus is not something we can do in isolation but in community with others. Jesus calls us to be a part of a community of people who together follow Him and share their lives along the way. We all need each other for encouragement, support and accountability as part of the journey of following Jesus. Worship, prayer, learning from the Bible and sharing of food and our lives are just some of the things that we do as a part of coming together week by week.
Following Jesus involves following the pathway that He directs us in. The steps that we take in our lives need to be the steps that he has for us, not our own. It is only as we take time to regularly read the Bible, which is full of God’s directions for our lives, and to pray, which involves dependence on God and listening to Him, that we can effectively follow Him. None of us can follow Jesus relying on our own capabilities, but we need to rely on His resources.
Following Jesus also involves looking beyond ourselves. We seek to be people who are attentive to the needs of others, and who make a very real difference in the lives of others in our broken and hurting world. We are blessed by God not simply for our own sakes, but to be a blessing to others.