Our Christmas Family Service and Community Festival will be held on Sunday 8th at the Beaumaris site. Our special guest will be one of Australia’s leading Christian children’s storytellers and authors, Andrew McDonough, author of ‘The Lost Sheep’ and many more Christian children’s books.

This is a service not to be missed, and one making a special effort to invite others along to, particularly children and families.  More leaflets to allow you to do that can be found on the coffee table in the foyer.

The service on Sunday 8th will be at the one-off time of 10:30 to allow for maximum community impact across late morning and into lunchtime during the Community Festival that follows, with the Community Festival running from 11:30 till 1 p.m.

A reminder also that we will need to use street parking next Sunday, to allow the car park to be used for the festival.